ARgus Gold RatingEstablished in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2008, Plane Travel Air provides private jet, commercial, and cargo services to the Continental U.S.A., The Bahamas, Caribbean, North Eleuthera Island, Exumas, Chub Cays, Harbour Island, Norman’s Cay, Havana Cuba, Staniel Cay, and Private Islands.

We deliver people and cargo to their destination with safe, reliable, timely, and flexible charter services.


We’re called the Pilots of the Caribbean because we meet the tough challenges that others skip:

  • Remote destinations
  • Short runways
  • Rough runways
  • Weather
  • Unique loading requirements
  • Special requests to strange requests


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Private Plane Services
  • Cruise speed: 230 mph
  • Passengers: 5
  • Range: 1200 miles
  • Baggage capacity nose, 300 lb.
  • Aft, 120 lb., 10 cu ft.
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Cessna 340 plane
  • Cruise speed: 250 mph
  • Passengers: 5
  • Range: 700 miles
  • Baggage capacity: 53 cubic feet
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Private Plane Services
  • Speed 200 mph
  • Passengers 8
  • Range 800 miles
  • Max useful load 2300 lbs.
  • Short field capabilities
  • Cargo door for special loads
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Private Jet Services


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Piper N748NP Navajo Aircraft

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Private Plane Charter FAQ

Private air charter allows you to access thousands of airports that commercial airlines don’t. Which, in turn, may get you closer to where you are really going thus saving you time and money.

No, it does not. You just show up 5 minutes before departure time (that you select), load, and fly.

In general, no. However, most private flights equate to the last minute purchase in first class, using 2-4 people as a guide to costs. Flying privately saves you time, which is money.

No. As long as it is not classified as HAZMAT (hazardous materials).
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Yes, if you meet the criteria of the State Department 12 classifications.
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No. Most FBOs (Fixed Based Operators) allow the crew to escort you out to the aircraft and in some cases, you may be able to drive your car right up to the plane to unload your bags.

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