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About Plane Travel Air

Private Jet chartering is at record high levels. Plane Travel offers affordable jet charters anywhere in the country. No cards, no membership, no restrictions. Call and book your private jet flight with point-to-point pricing. No hidden fees, no surcharges, just one number is all you get.

We offer private aircraft service to the Northeast, Florida, Caribbean, or anywhere your travel demands. Plane Travel is an owner-operator. What that means to you is, strict FAA compliance, third-party audits, and internal audits to assure safe and expedited travel throughout.

We specialize in point-to-point pricing without the hassle of membership. Affordable aircraft charters to any location, specializing in customer service and reliability. We make it happen when others cannot. We also can provide ground transportation if requested, and in-flight catering upon request.

Plane Travel is your one-stop-shop for air travel.

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