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The Caribbean Islands have an extensive air transport network dubbed the “Real World Wide Web.” International Air Transport Association (IATA) data in 2010 shows that 297 air routes connected the Caribbean islands to major urban centers across the globe. Sixty-three of these routes linked the Caribbean to major cities with a combined population of around 10 million.

There is a higher frequency of flights for more economically-viable destinations. For instance, there were 4.7 outbound flights per day for the Bahamas Lynden Pindling – Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport route. On the other hand, there were 2.2 outbound flights for the Havana – Madrid Barajas International Airport route.

Caribbean Island’s vast air linkages are a strong indication of its connectivity to key cities and markets worldwide. This is reflected in the impressive performance of the Caribbean’s aviation network. Greater connectivity translates to the frequency of air service, flight range, a destination’s economic importance, and the number of outbound connections. And all of these factors into exactly how you should transport your cargo, be it via private plane charter to the Bahamas or via ship.

Economic Benefits of Greater Air Connectivity

The enhanced connectivity in the Caribbean over the years has brought many benefits to its users. These include shorter travel time, increased frequency of flights and enhanced quality of service. Due to these enhancements, the cost of air transport has fallen by 1% over the past 40 years. This has also resulted in the rapid expansion in the volume of trade during the period.

Moreover, air transport has become more competitive compared to other types of transport. In fact, the cost of air transport has gone down by 2.5% year-on-year since the 1990s. This development has provided a major boost to the air transport industry. And as the cost of air transport has dropped, shipments by private plane charter to the Bahamas have been essential for global trade.

Direct users may be among the major beneficiaries of improved air transport services. But the biggest winners are no other than the economies of the Caribbean member-nations. This is because increased air connectivity has a long-term impact on a country’s wider economy. In particular, the tourism sectors of these nations are experiencing dramatic growth.

Chartered Planes: A Viable Option

As the Caribbean’s air transport industry continues to expand, chartered flights are becoming popular among users, especially for cargo providers. Due to overbooked flights, crowded airports, and longer waiting times, taking a private chartered plane has now become a viable option.

Flying on a private plane charter to the Bahamas either for travel or for transport has many benefits. The first is that private planes undergo more rigorous safety tests than commercial flights. Unknown to many, chartered plane companies hire third-party agencies that specialize in-flight safety. The standards these companies use to make sure that planes are airworthy are very high.

A private plane is designed to deal with bad weather, too. Because of the aircraft’s capability to land in more airports, its pilot can change flight plans more quickly. For instance, if the weather becomes too turbulent, the plane can go for a quick landing. The safety of passengers and cargo will be ensured while sparing them from a rough flight.

Are you thinking about shipping cargo? Consider opting for a private plane charter to the Bahamas to ensure your items remain safe and sound.

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