There’s no faster way to get where you are going than by taking a standard commercial plane. Right? Wrong. Sure, flying is the preferred mode of transportation, no matter where you are going, but not all flights are created equal. Gone are the days when commercial flights were the only option for those heading out on vacation, business, or other types of travel. If you’re one of the many people looking for the best option for a trip to Staniel Cay, consider charter flights to Staniel Cay instead of commercial flights.

Many people think chartering a flight anywhere is astronomically expensive. But these people are absolutely wrong. There are many affordable options out there, and in fact, depending on where you are going, these flights can even be more cost-effective than a commercial flight.

We’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor. That’s right, charter flights to Staniel Cay and other areas can sometimes be more affordable than other travel options. How is that possible? And what other reasons are there for chartering a flight vs. any other mode of transportation? Read on for five of the top reasons why charter flights are the best choice for you.

1. They can fly into more airports than commercial flights.

One of the top reasons to choose a charter flight service is that when you charter a flight, you can get closer to your destination. This is because charter flights can fly into smaller, local airports, like the airport in Staniel Cay and other smaller areas in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

2. They can help you save money on additional travel costs.

When you choose charter flights to the Bahamas, you can ensure that you are getting as close to your destination as possible, helping to reduce additional travel costs. Instead of having to fly into a large commercial airport, you can get much closer to small islands with a charter flight. This saves you money on ferries, buses, and cars.

3. They save time.

Typically, when you take a private plane charter to the Caribbean or charter flights to the Bahamas, you can drive right up to the airport and hop onto your flight in minutes. There’s no need to arrive an hour early for baggage check and boarding passes.

4. Fewer security issues.

In most cases, with charter flights, you can avoid security altogether, which not only saves time but also helps to reduce stress and hassles that are unnecessary.

5. Can tackle flight challenges commercial cannot.

If you’re flying to a remote location and there’s a short runway, or the weather conditions are not ideal, charter flights can usually handle these issues, unlike commercial flights. With less red tape, charter flights can handle challenges and accommodate special requests much easier.

Consider charter flights the next time you’re traveling to smaller towns in the Bahamas and the Caribbean for less hassle and frustration.