A private plane charter is when you rent an aircraft either for business or leisure. In recent years, chartering a plane has become much more affordable. It’s no longer the domain of the rich and powerful, in other words. Even ordinary commuters are able to take an unscheduled flight and arrive at their destination on time and without the hassle of going through the long queues and the stressful baggage checks. If you’re planning a vacation, consider a private plane charter to the Bahamas – you’ll be shocked at how smooth the experience is.

What to Expect from a Private Plane Charter

When you fly private, you are not included in the regular airline schedule. You decide the time of your departure and your arrival. You also decide where exactly you are going to land. Simply put, the private jet will fly when and where you want it to. The pilots and the flight attendants will be waiting on your word, too, to ensure that the trip is exactly what you envisioned. When you take a commercial airline, on the other hand, you have to be at the airport one to three hours before departure depending on whether you are traveling to a domestic destination or overseas. You also have to go through the arduous security screening process, which can take a surprising amount of time and effort. When you fly via private plane charter, that’s not an issue. You can arrive five minutes before your scheduled departure and the private jet is already primed and ready to fly after strapping yourself in without dealing with TSA. Those who rent a private jet will be herded to their own private terminal, which provides a lot of convenience and security. In fact, you can sometimes even drive your own car right next to the private jet without going through the airport at all.

No Layover or Multiple Connections

Private plane charters are also convenient when you travel to an island that is underserved by commercial flights. For instance, some islands in the Bahamas don’t have regular flight routes. You have to take a commercial flight to the main island and transfer to a boat and then rent a car to get your final destination. When you take a private plane charter to the Bahamas, you can be more productive with your time. You can swim in the pristine waters or sip a beverage while soaking in the sun before passengers of that commercial flight ever make it to the island. When you rely on passenger routes, you don’t own your time. There are many things outside your control and one delay in the schedule could easily destroy your vacation or scuttle that business deal. With private plane charters, you can choose from any of the planes on the fleet depending on your destination and the number of passengers you have. For intimate groups that are going to the Bahamas, for example, you can charter a five-seater that is surprisingly affordable. Get your vacation started off on the right foot and skip the stress of the airport.