Whether you get on an airplane for work or for pleasure, air travel to regional destinations can be downright frustrating. Finding the right flight times, crowding onto a plane in close proximity to hundreds of other people (some of whom might be carrying a communicable disease, or just some undesirable personal habits), even fighting for a seat or praying for an early boarding spot on airlines that don’t let you reserve seats in advance.

But what if you could remove all of that hassle from your regional air travel? It turns out you can and you don’t need to be a super-ultra-platinum member of an airline miles club to get there. Renting a private jet in Florida is actually an easy way to get a smooth and comfortable flight anywhere you want to go.

Here are just a few reasons private jet travel beats commercial flights:

  • Simple – booking a private charter plane is actually very easy, with quotes available online and a list of destinations available with some quick web browsing.
  • Affordable – it may surprise most people to learn that private jet travel is affordable, and while it may not be less than the price for a commercial ticket, a private jet could be a better option, especially for trips on short notice.
  • Hassle-Free – one of the biggest benefits of flying on a private jet is the ability to customize your entire trip; choose the destination and departure time and arrive a few minutes before takeoff to be escorted to the plane. No TSA lines or 3-ounce bottles of liquid or any of the other hassles you deal with on commercial flights.
  • More Airports – since private jets are smaller than commercial jets, they can often fly to airports that are unavailable to large airlines. If you’re traveling to a remote Caribbean island with a small airstrip or a regional airport, that could mean landing much closer to your final destination and saving a long drive or boat ride after your flight.
  • Customizable – if you are traveling for business and need to make several stops in cities along the way there may not be commercial flight options to get you there, which means long days on the road. Or you can customize a private jet charter with multiple stops in smaller cities and save yourself the trouble.
  • Comfort – in a private jet you can stretch out and relax without worrying about whether you’ll end up in a middle seat or on a sold-out flight with barely enough room to breathe.

Private jet charters are a safe and easy way to get to your destinations around Florida, the Caribbean, or anywhere you need to travel in the U.S. Contact us today for a quote on your next charter flight.