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Charter Flights

Private Flights to any destination within a 700-mile radius of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Private charter flights allow you to travel on your own terms, without the hassles and restrictions that go with flying commercial.

Whether you need to fly for business or pleasure — or a little bit of each — Plane Travel Air offers the type of elite service you deserve at a price that may surprise you.

Our fleet of aircraft includes Cessna, Navajo, and Baron as well as private jet options. With our decades of experience, you won’t find a better private jet flight than Plane Travel Air.

Business Charter Flights

Commercial business travel is time-consuming and expensive, with hassles and hurdles at every turn. When you choose us for your business charter flights, you call the shots. With the minimal time required for check-in, you will be in the air and on your way without having to fight long lines and crowded public terminals.

Not only will you save time and trouble by chartering a private plane for business travel, but you will also save money too. You can get to your desired destination without suffering the annoyance of stopovers, plane changes, or inconvenient schedules.

And with our executive-level accommodations, you will be able to work productively as you travel. Of course, if you prefer to relax while we take you safely to your destination, our luxury aircraft are perfect for napping or simply enjoying the journey.

Personal Charter Flights

Plane Travel Air also offers personal charter flights to your destination of choice. Whether you plan to take a vacation or visit family or friends in another city (or country), trust us to get you there safely and comfortably.

Our private aircraft can accommodate a single passenger or a group, depending on your needs and preferences. We can design a flight plan that gets you where you want to go without the hassles that accompany commercial airline travel.

Take a look at our private jet and plane rental services for an unparalleled experience on your next leisure trip. Our expert pilots and luxury, private aircraft options will make your next vacation an experience to remember.

Private Charter Flight Options

Our headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we offer service to many destinations. Because we have the option to land and refuel, we can take you to virtually any location.

Traveling with us is cost-effective, especially when you consider how many aircraft choices and scheduling options we give you. You will enjoy increased security and privacy, as well as a level of comfort and luxury that you simply can’t get with a commercial airline.

Moreover, our small, private aircraft can get you to destinations that commercial planes cannot access. Once you experience the comfort and convenience our dedicated team of private plane charter experts provides, you will never look at air travel the same way again.

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Private Plane Services

  • Cruise speed: 230 mph
  • Passengers: 5
  • Range: 1200 miles
  • Baggage capacity nose, 300 lb.
  • Aft, 120 lb., 10 cu ft.

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Cessna 340 plane

  • Cruise speed: 250 mph
  • Passengers: 5
  • Range: 700 miles
  • Baggage capacity: 53 cubic feet

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Private Plane Services

  • Speed 200 mph
  • Passengers 8
  • Range 800 miles
  • Max useful load 2300 lbs.
  • Short field capabilities
  • Cargo door for special loads

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Private Jet Services


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