Want to Avoid Coronavirus and Still Travel? Charter a Private Plane

Avoid coronavirus (COVID-19) and still go where you need to by chartering a private airplane.

There is a lot happening right now with COVID-19, a virus commonly known in the media as coronavirus. The situation is evolving rapidly as governments and private industries struggle to prevent the spread of this contagious disease. One of the hardest hit areas to date has been the travel industry. The virus is now in […]

Questions to Ask When Booking a Charter Flight

If you’ve never booked a charter plane before, here are some questions you should ask.

Booking a charter flight isn’t something that most people are familiar with, and if this is your first time going with a charter plane company over flying commercial, the entire experience can seem a little overwhelming. Flying charter offers a lot of advantages over traditional air travel, including the ability to go places that commercial […]

What You Might Not Know About Chartering a Private Jet

Commercial flights can be stressful, but chartering a private jet is easy and affordable.

Whether you get on an airplane for work or for pleasure, air travel to regional destinations can be downright frustrating. Finding the right flight times, crowding onto a plane in close proximity to hundreds of other people (some of whom might be carrying a communicable disease, or just some undesirable personal habits), even fighting for […]

The Safest Way to Transport Cargo to the Caribbean

cargo shipping

As the Caribbean’s air transport industry continues to expand, chartered flights are becoming popular among users, especially for cargo providers. Due to overbooked flights, crowded airports, and longer waiting times, taking a private chartered plane has now become a viable option.

What is and what to expect from a private plane charter?

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A private plane charter is when you rent an aircraft either for business or leisure. In recent years, chartering a plane has become much more affordable. It’s no longer the domain of the rich and powerful, in other words. Even ordinary commuters are able to take an unscheduled flight and arrive at their destination on time and without the hassle of going through the long queues and the stressful baggage checks.