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When you think of the Bahamas, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the beach. You might immediately imagine lying down on a hammock under the sun, with a cold drink in hand and the wind cooling your face. Still need some convincing? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to pack your bags and board a private plane charter to the Bahamas today!


Of course, the beautiful beaches of the area have to be at the top of the list. If you had to guess, how many beaches do you think are there on this island paradise? If you say 100 or 200, you would be off by a few hundred more. There are actually 2,000 beaches in the Bahamas, so there are plenty of options for everybody.

It’s an Easy Trip

People may think that it’s difficult to travel to the island, but it’s just a little over an hour from Florida to the capital of Nassau. It’s also quite cheap, too, as you can buy a ticket for just $200 and go on your merry way. There are also plenty of private plane charters to the Bahamas, which makes the trip surprisingly affordable and super convenient.

No Winter

Winter in some parts of the U.S. can be brutal, with some cities vulnerable to the polar vortex, the effects of which are intensified by climate change. But you can easily escape the cold wave with a flight to the Bahamas. Why shovel snow or wrap yourself in layers of clothing when you can soak in the sun instead?

Under the Sea

snorkeling-and-scuba-diving While the beaches are among the best in the world with the powdery white sand and the turquoise ocean, it is what’s underneath that makes the Bahamas shine. Go beneath the clear waves and give snorkeling and scuba diving a shot! You’ll get to explore a whole new ecosystem.

Experience Another Culture

The Bahamas, despite being very close to Florida, is another country altogether with its own unique culture. This is a good way to expose the kids to another culture and experience without going too far from home. The annual Junkanoo Carnival always attracts a good crowd. Think of the Brazil Carnival but on a smaller scale. The best part is that it takes place from December 26 to January 1 so you can ring in the New Year in paradise.

There is Something for Everyone

If you don’t like crowded beaches, there are many strips without many people. There are many other activities, as well. There’s snorkeling, spelunking, golfing, fishing, skydiving, shopping, dining, swimming with the dolphins, historic tours, playtime activities, and a zoo. The nightlife is very vibrant on the island, too, so it’s a good time for single people looking for adventure. At the end of the day, everybody will go home satisfied. Planning your next trip to paradise? Schedule a private plane charter to the Bahamas today and see exactly what you’ve been missing!