Best Reasons to Vacation in The Bahamas

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When you think of the Bahamas, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the beach. You might immediately imagine lying down on a hammock under the sun, with a cold drink in hand and the wind cooling your face.

The Safest Way to Transport Cargo to the Caribbean

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As the Caribbean’s air transport industry continues to expand, chartered flights are becoming popular among users, especially for cargo providers. Due to overbooked flights, crowded airports, and longer waiting times, taking a private chartered plane has now become a viable option.

What is and what to expect from a private plane charter?

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A private plane charter is when you rent an aircraft either for business or leisure. In recent years, chartering a plane has become much more affordable. It’s no longer the domain of the rich and powerful, in other words. Even ordinary commuters are able to take an unscheduled flight and arrive at their destination on time and without the hassle of going through the long queues and the stressful baggage checks.

Explore Stanial Cay Island

Staniel Key Island

Explore the magnificent chain of Bahamian Islands called The Exuma Cays and explore hundreds of islands at your leisure.